A young boy & girl joined together in marriage

This is not from a movie, it happenned in reality at Jaba, a suburb of Kaduna State in Nigeria.

An underage boy and a girl were joined together in marriage. The photos of the newly married underage ‘couple’ was shared on social media.

The boy has bee identified as Julius and the girl, Anthonia. They got married on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

The location of the wedding was confirmed by a Facebook user who stays in Kaduna.

A photo of the said couple on their wedding day was also shared online, alongside photos of the calendar shared as souvenir.

Because of the age of the couple, people are calling for the parents of the children to be arrested. Some reports claim the boy is just 11.


Social media users are calling for the arrest of the parents of the young couple. Most people share the opinion that this is a display of irresponsibility on the side of the parents to allow children as young as this to marry.

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