After years of rejection Ahuofe Patri finally agrees to marry Kalybos

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Actress Ahuofe Patri has finally reacted positively to Kalybos’ proposal. Kalybos had begged her to marry him, and this time she answered in Akan: “Alright, I have heard you”

For years, Ahuofe had turned down Kalybos’ proposal because he couldn’t date her.

Ahuofe Patri, a Ghanaian actress, appears to have finally decided to marry Kalybos, a colleague and close friend. In a new post, Kalybos begged Ahuofe to marry him after being dazed by a photo she shared.

Ahuofe Patri finally ‘agrees to marry Kalybos

She initially chuckled at the suggestion before agreeing a few minutes later.

“Please marry me wai,” he wrote. Ahuofe initially chuckled at the remark. But then she said again, “Yoo mati (with a red heart emoji),” which means “Alright, I have heard you,” probably after another brief reconsideration of the proposal.

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