Amerado didn’t deserve 3Music’s Rapper of the Year – Lyrical Joe

Rapper Lyrical Joe has said that Amerado does not deserve the 3Music award he was given during the musical show.

During an interview on the TV3 NewDay show, Lyrical Joe disclosed that his beef with Amerado started when he first enquired about the 3Music award scheme.

Lyrical Joe and Amerado have not been the best of friends since last year after they got involved in a rap battle. The two have been shading each other after their diss tracks.

“Let me tell you how it went on my side. We were both nominated last year for EP of the Year and Rapper of the Year on 3Music. So he won EP of the Year and Rapper of the Year. So the EP of the Year, I didn’t have any problem with it. But the Rapper of the Year, that’s where I had a problem. I had a problem, not with him. I had a problem with the award scheme, and so I did a song.”

He said, “That song wasn’t a diss song. It was questioning because I was like, you guys said your theme is Beyond the Music. Are you looking at views because the song had views? You said beat dexterity. It had one rap song that had like four different beats in it. So the qualities and everything that they stated they were looking for as an award scheme the song had it.

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“On top of it, it had views. Yeah, voting went on as well. And we had other people in that category that if it depended on Ghanaians voting, neither I nor he will take that award. Let’s be honest,” Lyrical Joe explained why he strongly believed Amerado did not deserve that award.

“I did a short freestyle. About 1 min 20 seconds. And I questioned 3Music, not him. Even in that freestyle, I told him, bro, you know I love you, but this field is mine,” Lyrical Joe concluded.

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