Bawumia to digitalize Ghanaian football tickets

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Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia declared that he is in talks with the National Sports Authority (NSA) to have football tickets digitalized.

Dr. Bawumia stated that negotiations are progressing and that if adopted, sports fans will be able to purchase tickets without having to wait in long queues. Meet Prateek Mohite world’s shortest bodybuilder

He gave a speech in Accra on March 2 at the ceremonial launching of the computerized National Assay Laboratory.

The Vice President added, “Our success as a country in the modern world is inextricably linked to digitalization, and the administration will continue to use it to improve service delivery.”

“It is critical for the future competitiveness of our country.” The government is willing to assist any public or private organization in implementing digital efficiency measures.

“We approached the National Sports Authority to get the stadium’s football tickets digitalized.” You should be able to buy tickets online and go right inside the stadium without having to (scheme).

In the next months, you’ll see us all using our phones to buy football tickets across the country.

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