Becca Unveils Her Beautiful Daughter’s Face in a Video

Musician Becca, also known as Mrs Tobi, has revealed her daughter’s face.

In a video that has surfaced online, Becca flaunts her unseen daughter competing in a dance challenge. In similar clothes, the musician and her teenage daughter may be seen competing against one another.

We know about Becca’s daughter, who she had with her Nigerian husband Tobi Sanni Daniel five months after their wedding in 2018, but we don’t know about this particular child.

Becca’s baby girl should be about three years old by now, but she is actually a teenager. However, Becca had her prior to their 2018 wedding.

We have not yet seen her face for her three-year-old kid.

Becca, however, recently made headlines when she claimed that the loss of her mother had impacted her musical career. She claims that the death of her mother is the reason why her album has been delayed. She came clean after receiving criticism for remaining anonymous while being one of Ghana’s top musicians.

Watch the video below;

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