Divine grabs heavily endowed lady

Date Rush! Everyone deserves love. Divine introduced himself as a Chief Executive Officer of an electrical company based in China.

He explained that he wanted an independent lady so that he could marry her as well as invest in her ideas. According to Divine, his ex-girlfriend cheated on him and so he realized that he could get a wife on the TV show.

He mentioned that he would love to publicly display affection for the lady that he would pick from the show because of his previous experience.

Divine grabs heavily endowed lady

Date Rush had a new turn as Divine utilized the platform to get himself a wife and excitedly danced off with his newly found Love. He was excited when the heavily endowed Patience accepted him.

Many Ghanaians are asking if the professions of the contestants have been confirmed by the organizers of the show. This is due to the fact that there have been cases where many contestants have misrepresented the facts about themselves.

We wish Divine and Patience the very best in their new relationship.

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