Effective Ways To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend or Husband

In terms of infidelity, you’d like to keep your lover all to yourself, but you can’t control his desire to date a large number of women behind your back.

A relationship is meant to be shared by two people, but some guys are incapable of counting. They continue to pursue every woman who catches their attention.

When it comes to determining whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you, the truth is that you can’t always trust your instincts.

Although trusting your intuitiveness is considered a great idea and research indicate it can make you make some positive decisions to help you make better life decisions, in the situation of a cheating man, it’s less predictable than you think.

When your man or partner cheats, they might do it out of anger and a desire to get revenge, but some men cheat for selfish reasons.

Those who frequently do that are likely to have perfected the skills that help them keep their filthy secrets.

They will portray the perfect man to make you distrust your own instincts.

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Indeed if you have noticed some of the red flags popping up indicating that your man might be cheating on you, get ready to start digging to confirm your suspicions of him sharing the emotions and love with some lady out there.

Do your own investigations before confronting him or else he’ll trick you into believing he’s not cheating on you.

If your man truly loves you, other things or people won’t matter to him or catch his eye to develop feelings for them and lose his feelings for you.

In the points listed below, we shall look at some of the things you can do to catch your man if he’s indeed cheating on you.

1. Gather Evidence Slowly And Efficiently

When you want to confirm your suspicions of your cheating man, the only way is to start collecting information.

Keep a diary because our memory fails us sometimes due to stress and emotional activities to keep track of his work schedules, meetings, bills, and ATM withdrawals.

Your man might be the gaslighting or the narcissist type who denies things you know to be true.

These types of guys are good at lying and exaggerating to boost their worth. So in other, for him not to play any sorts of mind games on you, do well to gather evidence slowly and methodically. Don’t rush or draw hasty conclusions.

Be patient and draw the conclusions as much as you can so that you can have the best chance of apprehending him is to assemble as much proof as you can.

2. Ask Pointed Questions

Instead of confronting him and making unproof wild accusations, clear your head and calmly review the cold hard facts before you.

It’s painful when you realize the person you love broke his word his love and your heart. You may want to race directly to your man in a rage but I advise some caution and time before you do.

As hard as it may be, you need to pull yourself together and calmly ask your man questions that will help you put the pieces together that might not add up.

Do not make aimless accusations rather ask questions, you can take him by surprise and say for example “I saw your car in town when I dropped by the market, where were you going?” and check his demeanor and how surprised and taken aback he is by your question.

Just observe his reaction to the question and don’t act as if you know what he was about when you saw him in town.

When he lies to you, just pretend as if you believe whatever he is saying, this will be proof to you that he’s simply lying.

3. Change Your Schedules And Plans Without Him Knowing

Most people tend to not pay attention when they think the person they are trying to fool is not around. Tell your man you won’t be able to visit him during the week or if you are married tell him you will be out of town, visit him and cancel the plans last minute.

Tell him you will be late at work due to some issues with some presentations and come home early on time.

When you say these things, a typical cheating boyfriend would start planning on how to do something behind you since you told him you would not be around.

So changing your schedules and plans without telling him can help you catch him when he least expected.

When you told him you won’t be around for the weekend, perhaps, he has planned with his side girlfriend to bring her home.

Therefore, you coming to his house when you told him you won’t be available can heighten your chances of catching him with the other lady.

4. Go Where They Are Not Expecting You

One of the fastest and easiest ways to catch your partner in the act is showing up where he least expects you. Your man might know you to be someone who hates clubbing or football sessions.

You can surprise him at the bar where’s he is having a guy’s night out.

You can also pay him a surprise visit to the workplace. If he’s going out with someone at the workplace, you may see some indications. Just show up and say you were in the area and decided to say hi!

You can also pay a surprise visit to the gym he regularly workouts or use the same route he uses for his work-outs.

While doing all these, have a very good excuse prepared for why you had to stop by, do it a couple of times if you have to, and see if he’s actually where he says he will be.

5. Look To GPS

You may have to take a look at your man’s location history, check his previous locations, where he has been if he really was where he told you he will be. We have some handy APP on your Playstore or Appstore which you can use to do this.

Track your man’s movement and have fun doing this. You might get to know if he visits some other girl secretly or he checks in at some hotels.

You can also make use of Apple’s AirTag devices. You can use it to secretly track your cheating partner.

6. Snoop On His Phone 

If he carries his cell phone with him wherever he goes, even if he is visiting the washroom, then, you have every good reason to be curious about what he may be hiding on his phone.

Take a good look into their cell phone when you get the chance, especially when the phone is on a charge.

Another chance is when he’s bathing and he leaves the phone behind.

Look quickly into his call logs, check if he has been calling one number consistently.

Also, check his SMS or iMessage. This can be a good place to spot some hidden messages.

Another thing also is, if he has erased call logs and message chats, that is proof that he’s trying to destroy evidence.

7. Be Smart About Snooping

Don’t dig too deep, make a devotion to yourself that you are only going to look at the call logs, texts, emails, pictures but not everything, as I indicated in the previous point, does he have erased phone logs?

Are there a lot of unsaved contacts or initials of saved contacts instead of their full names?

Several phone calls to the same unknown number? You can create a fake account to look up his social media accounts to see if you can spot something you can’t see from your own profile.

You can also check out his browser history(If he is not clearing his browser history, a smart cheater will erase it but he will surely make a wrong move) to check for directions to places you’ve not been together with him or places he has not mentioned to you or gifts for ladies he has searched for.

8. Create a fake social media profile and chat with your boyfriend

One way to also know if your boyfriend has the potentials of cheating is by creating a fake social media account and chatting with him yourself.

Use the photos of a pretty girl, add a few random people to make the profile look legit, then you chat with him.

If he easily fell for the girl whose fake profile you’re hiding behind, just know this is how he goes about chatting with other ladies on social media.

9. Change your sleeping pattern

Some boyfriends wait for you to sleep before they can call or chat with their other girls. Make sure you change your sleeping habit.

You can pretend to be sleeping and wake up at odd hours.

If they’re in the act of making secret calls, this can be a way of catching him.

10. Check their trash can

One way you can catch your cheating boyfriend is to check his garbage can when you pay him a visit. Look out for used tissues. He could have used it to clean himself or the girl’s fluid when they slept together.

And also, it could be that he dispose off the condom they used. Just check there sometimes and you might find a piece of evidence.

11. Also check his trash folder on his PC or phone

Maybe he tried deleting some photos or moments with his other girl and probably forgot to clear the recycle bin?

Randomly check those folders on his PC or phone and you might find something.

12. Check Wardrobes and under the bed

When the other lady comes to your boyfriend at home, she might leave some items behind. Your boyfriend in trying to hide the items could hide them under his mattress or at certain parts of the wardrobe so you cannot see them.

So look out for these places, who knows? You can find something.

13. Follow Him After A Fight 

If your guy is cheating, he will intentionally try to pick a fight, slam the door, and walk away angrily cos it’s a good excuse to slip out of the house and meet their lover. Follow them on the pretense of apologizing and see where he will be going to and make sure he doesn’t see you.

14. Consider Hiring A Private Investigator -Honestly Yes You Can

If all else fails and you are still uncertain about your man’s faithfulness, hire a professional it’s what they are meant for, In the drama why women kill Rita Castillo used this tactic to ensure her lover boy Scooter was not cheating on her with Private Investigator Vern.


Now you know you know the effective ways to catch a cheating husband or boyfriend. Please do you know if any other way that wasn’t captured in the article? Please comment below and let us hear from you.

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