Eminem Surpassed 55 Million Followers on Spotify

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Marshall remains the second most followed rapper on the platform. Out of only two in the Top 10.

Em has added two million users to his followers in under two months since the beginning of March and over five million since mid-December 2020.

Evidently, Eminem’s following has expanded rapidly, keeping him in the Top 10 most followed Spotify artists for years.
While Drake is still the rapper with the highest number of followers, we can see that Em’s audience is growing faster. About a year ago, when Marshall hit the 44 million mark, Drake had 54.5 million on his record. A year later, we see that Drake’s audience has grown by 8.4 million users while Em’s following has increased by 11 million Spotify listeners over the same period.

Most Followed Artists on Spotify (May 1, 2022):

1. Ed Sheeran — 96.2 million
2. Ariana Grande — 78.9 million
3. Drake — 62.9 million
4. Billie Eilish — 61.2 million
5. Justin Bieber — 59.9 million
6. Eminem — 55 million
7. Taylor Swift — 52.3 million
8. BTS — 48.7 million
9. Rihanna — 48.3 million
10. Bad Bunny — 47.4 million

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