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First woman in her family to become a lawyer – Alice Gyamfi

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A young lady took to social media to celebrate as she becomes first woman in her family to become a lawyer. She is in the name of Alice Gyamfi and “she has passed the New York Bar! Alice Gyamfi is the first woman to be educated in her lineage.

When I told my grandma I was going to law school she started calling me her “granddoctah”! I told her she couldn’t call me Doctor just yet. She sent me off to law school with $100 and an anointing. This degree belongs to her.

She dedicated her achievement to her grandmother, said she could trace her lineage back to 17 generations of women who were illiterates.

Each generation of women fought as everything from mothers to warriors and yet not one of them were taught to read. This degree was my warfare. The battle I fought with my tongue, knees bowed and hopes raised toward heaven.
The young lady who has now broken the generational illiteracy expressed gratitude to God that the generation after her will never know illiteracy.
She added,
God, I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed seen begging for bread. I thank God that the generations after me will never know illiteracy again.
First woman in her family to become a lawyer - Alice Gyamfi

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