He Is The Right Person For You If He Does Any Of These 8 Things

When we fall in love, we are frequently drowned by the millions of questions that arise in our minds. Is this going to work? Will he depart? Is he worth fighting for?

To help answer some of those questions, we’ve compiled a list of things he does that demonstrate he’s deserving of your love.

1. You feel comfortable around him

You feel completely comfortable wearing your pajamas and your hair in a messy bun because he still makes you feel like the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

You feel comfortable facing your fears because you know you have him by your side. And even when you face something utterly awkward, because of him, it seems like nothing.

2. He values you and brings out the best in you

He values your opinion and often looks for it because he sees you as an equal to him. He sees more than your beauty and body, he sees the fire in your eyes and the amazing mind you have.

You tend to bring out the best in each other, and pretty much most of your conversations end in sparks of new ideas. When he makes decisions, he considers you, because he understands that it’s two of you now, not only him.

Whether he’s deciding when to take days off or where to go for the holidays, you are the first person on his mind to ask for advice.

3. He remembers the little things

He remembered that you’re allergic to peanuts, even though you only told him once on the first date. He remembers to bring you a sandwich after work because he knows you won’t have had time to eat.

He shows you his love with small things, like chocolate during your period and yellow roses on rainy days to bring you a little bit of sunshine.

4. He’s proud to have you around

When he walks with you, he walks taller. He’s proud to have you by his side, and not just because of your looks.

He will brag about you to everyone ready to listen— about your career, your accomplishments and all the little things he sees as adorable; the way you laugh, the way you play with puppies no matter where you see them and the way you blush when he talks about you.

He is utterly in love with you and he is not ashamed to show it to the whole world.

5, He gives you his utmost attention

He makes you feel like the only woman alive. The moment you enter a room, he smiles and focuses all of his attention on you, making you feel like you’re Queen Bey herself.

It’s just the way he looks at you and touches you that makes you feel this amazing, and that’s not something anyone can fake; that’s something that only comes from true love.

6, He respects you and does not cross boundaries

We all had that guy who flirted with our friends in front of us and who respected none of our wishes. That guy refused to change because he believed that he was perfect.

If he is nothing like that guy, if he respects you when you say ‘no’ and when you ask him something, he is a keeper. He makes sure that you are happy and respected, and it’s a sign that he plans on sticking around.

7, He supports you in pursuing your passion

If he respects who you were before you met him and he encourages you into pursuing your dreams and your career, he’s a catch.

If he supports your relationships with your friends and family and is eager to meet them, he cares about you deeply. He will be your biggest fan and cheerleader, just because seeing you happy makes him happy.

8. He is a lover and a provider

Having someone who does not only love you but also provides your needs be it financial, emotional or/and psychological is what you deserve.

Some men may be good at being lovers and suck at being providers. Other men may be great at providing whatever you need but suck at showing or making you feel loved.

If this guy does not only make you feel loved and special but also supplies your wants and needs as and when he can, he is a two-in-one pack that you should not allow to slide.

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