I Prefer Cristiano To Messi; The Alien With No Feelings – Paolo Di Canio

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I Prefer Cristiano To Messi; The Alien With No Feelings – Paulo Di Canio. The discussion between Messi and Ronaldo will never stop. Paulo Di Canio, a former footballer, was the most recent person to weigh in on the subject. He has said unequivocally that he favors Ronaldo over “the alien with no emotions,” as he refers to the Argentine.

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again swept the awards after scoring a crucial hat-trick against Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. Paulo Di Canio is the most recent guy on television to make the Messi-Ronaldo connection… which never ends well.

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“Messi walks out, strokes his hair, and appears emotionless. ‘Do you want me to be on the bench against Manchester City?’ we discuss Cristiano Ronaldo. “I’m not coming, I’m going to Portugal, I’ll come back and score a hat-trick,” he said on ‘Sky Sports’.

“Between the two, not based on skill, I prefer the guy who created himself and has a soul and a heart,” the ex-Italian player said, emphasizing his point.

“You can see the flaw in Messi’s character, which has been questioned by Argentina’s national team as well.” He can, of course, be booed. Thousands of followers awaited him, dreaming of him, but his conduct was not appropriate,” Di Canio said.

He also chastised Neymar, adding, “For his skill, he is not doing well.” “Where is the respect?” he said, referring to the Brazilian’s recent statements about wanting to play in the MLS due of the four-month gap between seasons.

I’d rather a human with a soul than an alien without emotions. Messi showed the limitations of his personality.

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