I’m among the most faithful men a woman can have – Kwabena Kwabena

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Kwabena Kwabena in a self-assessing comment has rated himself as one of the most faithful men a woman can have despite reports of him being a ladies man.

The ‘Siwagedem’ singer was asked about his reportedly failed marriage, alleged relationship with Citi FM’s Frema Adunyame, and rumors of affairs with Ahoufe Patri, to which he turned to philosophy and self-appraisal to answer the question.

According to the singer, “if you are in the limelight, it looks like they dump matters on you,” adding that “in this country, we don’t speak the truth because people see what others do but pretend they haven’t seen it”.

He continued that “in this world, you sometimes have to save people’s reputation, if they don’t save yours, you save theirs and pray to God that their real attitude would be exposed one day … but I can say that I am one of the most faithful men a woman can have”.

Kwabena Kwabena emphasized that ” every girl I have dated, if she tells you that me I am an unfaithful man, God should deal me” and concluded that “right now we are in a society where girls get away with everything because there’s an older man somewhere”.

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