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Apples Iphone Is The Worlds Best Selling Smartphone

More than a fifth of every smartphone sold in the world in Q4 2021 was an iPhone, according to a new report, but coronavirus and supply chain shortages affected all manufacturers. Apples Iphone Is The Worlds Best Selling Smartphone

With 22% of all smartphone sales globally, Apple has overtaken Samsung’s 20% share to become the most popular vendor in the world. New figures from research firm Canalys say that demand for the iPhone 13 drove Apple to the top after several quarters in second place.

“Apple is back at the top of the smartphone market after three quarters, driven by a stellar performance from the iPhone 13,” said Canalys’s Sanyam Chaurasia in a statement. “Apple saw unprecedented iPhone performance in Mainland China, with aggressive pricing for its flagship devices keeping the value proposition strong.”

Chaurasia reports that Apple was not able to meet iPhone demand, however, because of shortages of key components. “In prioritized markets,” continued Chaurasia, [Apple] maintained adequate delivery times, but in some markets its customers had to wait to get their hands on the latest iPhones.

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