Johnny Drille throws jab at people who use zodiac sign as an excuse

Singer and songwriter, John Ighodaro better known as Johnny Drille has revealed what people do all in the name of Zodiac sign.

The ‘Halleluya’ crooner tweeted, “Some people excuse their bad behavior as an effect of their Zodiac sign. Rubbish!

Netizens took to the comments section to agree with his opinion.

@WendyBae22: Normal people don’t even know their zodiac

@anwulibaby2010: Anything to avoid responsibility for their own actions. It’s sad, really.

@Arike_: That’s because they are irresponsible and self centered

@MissZurri: Thank you so much for this…how will you have a smelling behavior and blame it on ur zodiac sign?and be proud to say it….my omoh is tired

@amah23_chima: “Oh don’t mind me I’m a Gemini. That’s how we act, we don’t use to have sense”

@MNJtheoptimist: What with this zodiac sign of a thing self

@jaso_sammie: A big time rubbish…
Excuses for having bad character

@__adesewa: I’m Scorpio , so I bite people

@psalmpopet: I Zodiac signs are total Rubbish.

@marthalouise91_: Facts right here Johnny

So annoying. And most I’ve seen are from my gender. You got a bad attitude? Fix the motherf*kn shit! Pple shamelessly lack responsibility these days.

He wrote

A sad story! I need justice”.

“Last week when I wasn’t feeling well a nurse at the hospital gave me some injection on my bum bum, afterwards she came and whispered to me that she was a fan. I’m pretty sure if she’s at my next show she’d look at me differently, she’s seen the very sacred JD bum bum.

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