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Kwesi Arthur To Marry His Italian Girlfriend Soon

Kwesi Arthur Rumoured To Soon Marry His Italian Girlfriend - celebritiesupdates.net

The CEO of GroundUp, Kwesi Arthur, is reportedly getting ready to wed his new Italian fiancée.

The rapper recently shared a photo with the attractive woman for the first time on social media, which is why this story is currently creating waves in the local digital community.

Kwesi Arthur’s new girlfriend apparently celebrated her birthday yesterday, so he decided to tweet a photo of them looking adorably lovely together to greet her.

For the first time, Kwesi Arthur shows off his Italian lover.

They both wore all-black ensembles and looked fantastic together.

According to the latest reports, the new couple will marry the knot early next month to make their relationship official.

We cannot confirm if this trending claim regarding Kwesi Arthur’s wedding is genuine or not, but we are closely following the story to bring you any new developments.

That being said, don’t be shocked if wedding images of Kwesi Arthur and his Italian love appear on the internet in the coming months.


Source: celebritiesupdates.net

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