Luxembourg To Legalise Cannabis

Luxembourg’s government has proposed revisions to the cannabis law, including proposals to legalize cannabis cultivation and use at home.

Adults will be authorized to grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use as part of a package of measures aimed at combating drug crime in the 632,000-strong country.

The government would also authorize the selling of cannabis seeds in stores, as well as the importation of cannabis seeds from other countries or purchases made online.

It will also consider allowing commercial seed production in the United States.

Consumption and cultivation will be limited to “inside one’s own four walls,” while transportation and consumption of up to three grams will no longer be regarded a crime, but rather a misdemeanor.

The action “represents a radical reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy,” according to the Greens, who are one of three coalition partners in government alongside the Democratic Party and the Socialist Workers’ Party.

In a statement released on Friday, the party stated, “The war on cannabis has failed.”

“Minister of Justice Sam Tanson’s announcements represent a profound reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy.” Cannabis use is finally becoming regulated, and a legitimate alternative to the criminal market is emerging.”

The Greens went on to say that the main goals of new cannabis legislation would be to exempt the production, purchase, and consumption of a certain amount of cannabis from punishment, to keep users off the black market, to reduce the mental and physical risks associated with it, and to combat acquisitive crime.

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