Maame Serwaa Must Employ A Stylist And Pay Her 7K A Month

Ghana’s very own young actress Maame Serwaa has become the talk of Ghana largely due to her bad sense of fashion.

Because of her terrible fashion taste, she has become the talk of Ghana. This is because anytime she wears a public event outfit, she becomes a laughingstock on all of the main social media platforms, and the most recent one is no exception.

As a result of this, Ruthy, a social media critic, has written a thesis advising Maame Serwaa to improve her outfit by hiring a stylist, whether it costs her 7K per month or less.

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From the post, Ruthy blamed Silvanus Records, management of Maame Serwaa, for not delivering on the job as promised during the unveiling of the young actress of Kumawood Films fame.

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Maame Serwaa

Maame Serwaa

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