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Meet darkest girl on earth who turned down $10,000 to bleach her skin

Black is beautiful and is available in all colors. While other girls used all kinds of whitening creams to lighten their skin, one Sudanese girl refused to accept $ 10,000 (Ghc60,000) to lighten her skin. Talk about being proud of your skin!

Nyakim Gatendung, a South Sudanese model, epitomizes the beauty of black. She was named “Queen Of Black” because of her dark complexion.

Nekim Gatvech was regularly bullied as a child due of his dark skin. She was ten years old while she was living in a Kenyan refugee camp and dreaming of being a model while watching “America’s Next Top Model.”

They will say, you know, I am too black, my skin is too dark. They will say,” Don’t shower. That’s why your skin is dirty. Or, “Smile so we can see you, someone. We can’t see you. Then, for example in class, the teacher asks a question and says,” Oh, someone, can you please answer? A child will say, “Who are you talking to?” We can’t see them. He’s not here. “The whole class will start laughing and I’ll just cry.”

Nyakim Gatwick is a fashion fairytale, making international titles by modeling and defending black girls around the world. Just like that girl!

In March 2017, an Uber driver decided his job was to ask if Gatwick would consider lightening his pretty dark skin for $ 10,000. He just laughed.

The criticism of his dark skin didn’t stop there. Sometimes she gets comments from strangers who say things like, “You’re black, take a shower.” He found his confidence thanks to the support of his followers on social media, who number 300,000 and counting. According to one person, his sister also helped increase his self-esteem by advising him:

“The most satisfying feelings are when you are comfortable in your own skin and when you absorb your beautiful dark and dark melanin.”

Someone now living in Minneapolis admits that while promoting skin positivity, the path to self-acceptance is not always smooth.

Credit: cb gist

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