“Messi Will Be Better Here Than in Barcelona” – Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria went over all of the newest football news in front of the ‘TyC Sports’ microphones. Messi, he believes, will be a greater player at PSG than he was at Barcelona. Furthermore, the Argentine stated that Cristiano Ronaldo would be thrilled to join Paris Saint-Germain.

Who wouldn’t want to play for Paris Saint-Germain this season 2021-22. After the arrival of Leo Messi, the French club has one of the best squads in the world in recent years.

So much so that Di Maria feels Messi will perform better at PSG than he did while playing for Barcelona: “I think Messi will feel better here than he did in Catalonia.” With the reception he had in Paris, I believe he has realized what he generates, moves, and is.

“The people are going to show it to him in every training session and in every game. Because of him there are now 200 people outside every time we go out,” he said.

“Cristiano must want to kill himself for not being here”
One player who has been sounded out to complete that squad, which would already put the icing on the cake if it hasn’t already been put on, would be Cristiano Ronaldo. As reported by the newspaper ‘AS’, the team managed by Mauricio Pochettino is thinking about the Portuguese if Mbappe finally leaves.

Angel Di Maria, who was his teammate at Real Madrid, gave an interview to the ‘TyC Sports’ media outlet, in which he spoke about the hypothetical addition of the Portuguese to the Parisian ranks.

“Cristiano must want to kill himself for not being here. The quality and quantity of players that PSG have now is unique. It doesn’t happen many times in clubs and the great players always want to be with the best,” said the Argentine about the current Juventus player.

The former Madrid and Manchester United player also spoke about his club’s objective this year, with or without Cristiano: “We always have the obligation to win the Champions League and now with the arrival of Messi we have to do whatever it takes.”

And what about Aguero?

During the interview, the former Real Madrid player also had a few words for his Argentina teammate and friend, Sergio Agüero. He finally fulfilled his wish to play with Messi at club level, but this option, unfortunately for him, has been short-lived.

“Kun wants to kill himself, what can you do,” he said with a laugh. Beyond this, he made it clear that “the worst thing is that he got injured again and will be out for several weeks. That’s the saddest thing”.

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