Mzbel Calls for “spirits” to help her get Sugar Daddy

Ghanaian songstress, music producer/ manager and entrepreneur Mzbel has shared a video on her Instagram page which somehow suggests she has gone broke.

In a hilarious video she posted on her Instagram page originally made on TikTok, Mzbel was seen wearing a white dress with powder all over face seated around a burning candle.

Definitely the mother of one was only trying to entertain herself and her followers on Instagram as in the video she was chanting some unknown words in the form of a song and she revealed in the caption that the system is not working but she needs to pay her bills.

Her actions in the video raised questions if she was summoning spirits to get sugar daddies who will sponsor her to pay her bills.

When the system is not working 😂 don’t vex me wai, I need to pay my bills 😂

Watch the video below;

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