Mzvee reveals the type of man she wants to marry

Songstress MzVee born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda has opened up on the specs in men she wants from her future husband. I Love Hardworking And Simple Men But Not Short 

The songstress has made open the type of men she loves to be with or love to date. According to the songstress, she loved men who are hardworking, not too extraordinary but not short in height.

This revelation from MzVee comes after the host Sammy Kay questioned the songstress about what she loves most in terms of colors and food. Responding to the question, MzVee stated that she does not have any favourite food or color. According to her, she loves to eat anything tasty and doesn’t have a specific color she loves.

Speaking about the type of men she loves, MzVee disclosed that she loves men who are hardworking, Christian, handsome, not too rich but financially stable, and above all a simple man. She emphasized that she doesn’t want any man who is short in height or dresses like a ganster.

MzVee also disclosed that she has been questioned several times about when she would get married and have kids because she is 30 but she is currently not dating and is waiting for the right man.

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