Nicki Minaj Fills Cardi B Vacancy In ‘Call Of Duty’ New Promo With Lil Baby

Nicki Minaj fills the Cardi B void in COD new promo ad with Lil Baby. Nicki Minaj’s feature comes less than two weeks after Cardi B first shared that she lost out big time on a Call of Duty deal because she had to attend court for assault and battery charges in a Flushing, New York, matter that took place in 2018.

In a tweet, the Bronx rapper shared her regrets that her past decisions were now costing her future money. At the time, Cardi B had shared that the Call Of Duty deal was a “multimillion” dollar deal.

Fans of both rappers reacted to the announcement, with some even noting that Cardi was the first option by COD.

“Don’t ever say @iamcardib isn’t good for the community. She just got y’all fave a bag,” one Cardi B fan wrote. “Nicki Taking Over .. Can’t wait till see more of her,” a Minaj fan wrote.

“She only got it cause Bardi couldn’t do it lol,” another said.

The comments by the fans continue to push a beef between the fan bases of the two rappers. Both Cardi and Nicki also appear to be subbing each other on Twitter.

In the last week, the beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s associates Akbar V and Maliibu Miitch going off, it seems that Minaj also had some words to say as she accused the Bronx rapper of copying her style.

Cardi B has also posted a separate tweet many felt was directed at Nicki Minaj, where she dismissed any subs at her.

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