Pastor bath female members during 31st Night

In a trending video online a Pastor bathed ladies in his Church on 31st Night. According to the poster, it seems this happened on New Year’s Eve – so this seems like a holy bath to get into the new year 2022 leaving everything in 2021.

In the report that was captured by us on social media, a pastor bathing females church members. Women in the church were been bathed in a basin by their pastor one after the other as the remove the clothes.

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This incident happened on the recent 31st night celebration to mark the closure of 2021 and to welcome 2022.

The pastor captioned;

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Something from above …..directed me to do this direction for you, I hope some people will sit in their home telling me this pastor is not from God, for me if the spirit directs you, you don’t have any option”, he said. 

Pastor bath female members during 31st Night

The Pαstor was seen asking his church members to hurry up and come for the “holy bath” after which church members stripped ŋαkєd to be washed in a basin.

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The video has, however caused a stir on the wider space of social media and has caused a lot of attention. The supposed man of God engaged in the ritual to cleanse his church members so they will be “holy and pure”.

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Watch the video below,

As seen in the video, the ladies have a towel tied to their waist. Upon reaching the pastor, they remove it and then enter the basin. After the spiritual bath, they stand up and go back to their seats for another person to enter the basin.

The male congregants, however, were seen fully clothed as they watch the special rituals. The name of the pastor or church hasn’t been made known yet.

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