Priyanka Chopra wants ‘as many’ children as she can

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The 38-year-old actress – who has been married to the 28-year-old singer for two years – laughed off her previous declaration that she’d love to have 11 kids, enough for a “cricket team”, but suggested she would like to have a large family.

She laughed: “A cricket team! I do want children, as many as I can have. A cricket team? I’m not so sure.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka admitted she’s nervous about the release of her autobiography ‘Unfinished’ next month because of the difficult experiences she’s shared in it.

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She told Sunday Times Culture magazine: “I wrote about personal vulnerabilities and it made me uncomfortable. It still makes me nervous that the book is going to be on stands soon.”

The ‘Quantico’ star may be 10 years older than the ‘Sucker’ singer but she has insisted that has never been a “hurdle” for them as it has instead been an “adventure” for herself and her spouse to navigate their differences.

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Asked if the age gap or cultural differences have been a problem, she said: “Neither was a hurdle. Nick took to India like a fish to water.

“But just like a normal couple, you have to understand each other’s habits and what each other likes. So it’s more of an adventure than trying to figure out hurdles. None of it was really that hard.”

The ‘Baywatch’ actress admitted she has found the last year a blessing because the coronavirus pandemic meant she and Nick got to spend more time with one another.

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She added: “Quarantine gave us the ability to spend a lot of time together, which I’m really blessed by. Because with both of our careers it’s hard to find that kind of time.”

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