PTA blocks access to TikTok applications on websites in Pakistan

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PTA again bans TikTok due to “constant presence of inappropriate content”: Pakistan’s telecommunications authority announced on Wednesday that it has banned TikTok’s ByteDance video platform for “illegal” content in the country.

“Under the relevant Digital Crimes Act of 2016, the PTA has banned access to the TikTok app on the country’s website,” telecom regulators said.

This system has been used because of the constant presence of inappropriate content on the platform and because of the inability to remove such content,” the communications company added.

This is the fourth time the federal government has suspended TikTok activities in the country due to platform sharing, being blocked or suspended.

The event took place about three weeks after Sindh’s Extreme Courtroom (SC) shut down the TikTok business.

On June 28, the CHS asked the PTA to shut down a website company that distributed videos of citizen protests of “unclean and obscene language” related to the mobile app.

It should be noted here that President Arif Alvi confirmed last week that he has logged into his favorite video platform through his Instagram account.

To announce this, the president posted a video of himself on Twitter, writing that the purpose of participating in the event was to spread the good news among many young people in Pakistan.

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