Shemima’s body confirms men love huge backsides.

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TV3’s date rush has come to stay, the dating reality show is full of thrills and excitement. Sunday’s episode will go down in history as one of the most fascinating episodes ever.

The show continues to welcome pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen however, one interesting lady took over the stage with her beauty, and specifically her backside. Shemima, a plus-size lady, graced the stage in search of love.

Her beauty got all the guys drooling over her, but the guy’s main focus was on her backside, which surely confirms men love huge tundras.

Shemima's body confirms men love huge backsides.

The curvaceous lady seemed like a quiet person in her profile videos, but she was full of energy. Jophiel had already set his eyes on her, as he stated Shemima was his kind of girl. All the guys wanted to shoot their shot due to her voluptuous backside, but the pretty lady already had someone in mind, Ali.

Shemima should be an inspiration to all plus-size women, she made a statement to confirm she is proud of her body, as many girls nowadays are paying huge sum of money for body modification, especially on their backside.

Shemima’s body and backside will surely go down in the history of date rush, and I can say the guys will continue to reminisce on it all time and all day. Ali is surely a lucky man.

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