Takoradi fake kidnapping suspect jailed six years

Joana Krah, the lead suspect in the fake kidnapping incident has been sentenced to six years imprisonment by the Takoradi Habour Circuit Court A.

She pleaded guilty to two counts; deceiving a public officer and the publication of false news with intent to cause fear and panic.

The Court presided over by His Honor Michael Kudjo Ampadu sentenced the accused to six years imprisonment with hard labour for deceiving a public officer and two years imprisonment for publication of false news. Both sentencing will run concurrently as directed by the court.

Meanwhile, the court placed the custody of the accused’s three-year-old son in Evangelist Francis Nyambo, her adopted father.

According to the judge, the prevalence of kidnapping stunts in the Takoradi metropolis should be nibbed in the bud.

Joana became aware that her godfather had reported the case to the Police, and an extensive search had commenced to find her.

She subsequently showed up at the Takoradi Central Police Station on Saturday, October 23, to confess.

She claimed she was only joking with her godfather with claims that she had been kidnapped

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