The Cast of ‘Squid Game’ Ranked From Richest To Poorest

Squid Game is undoubtedly the biggest movie in the year, 2021. The show occupied the number 1 trending position on movie charts in more than 90 countries for weeks.

Netflix released a lot of good shows this year but the buzz that surrounded Squid Game was enormous. It was mind-blowing. Owing to how the various actors of the show have gained popularity, we can say that their bank accounts have also fattened.

In this article, we would love to look at the wealth rankings of the top Squid Game cast — from richest to the poorest.

Please note, however, that the fortune made by the stars of the movie is subject to increase after starring in the hit Netflix series. This list was curated by reference to

We shall come back every now and then to update the figures below.

Now, let’s look at  The Cast of ‘Squid Game’ Ranked From Richest To Poorest:

8. Lee Jung-Jae As Seong Gi-Hun (Player Number 456): $5Million Dollars.

Because he was the lead actor, I believe most of you expect him to be very rich. Your expectations were right, he’s indeed on the top of the list.

He played the role of a gambling addict, an irresponsible father, and a driver. He started his music career in 1993. Aside from the Squid Game which we popularly know him for, he has featured in more than 30 other movies and TV shows.

Aside from acting, Lee Jung-Jae has other businesses of interest — he owns restaurants and an entertainment label. According to Idol Net Worth, Lee Jung-Jae has a net worth of $5million.

7. Kim Joo-Ryoung As Han Mi-Nyeo (Player 212) – $4Million

This is one of our favorite characters in Squid Game. Her loud mouth which never seem to close was very annoying to movie lovers.

However, her unique role of the things she did in the washroom and how she finally dealt with Jang Deok-Su (player 101) has made her one of our most loved actresses in the series.

Kim Joo-Ryoung has been in the acting business for more than two decades now — she began acting in 2000. The actress, 45, participated in 25 big-screen movies and 15 TV series. She is known for her roles in Memories of Murder and SF8.

Joo-Ryoung starred as player 212 Han Mi-Nyeo in Squid Game. Mi-Nyeo is a lying and manipulative character pretending to be a poor single mom.

Kim is set to star in her upcoming movie Taste Of Horror – RehabilitationHollywood Magazine reports that Kim Joo-Ryoung has a net worth of $4 million.

6. Park Hae-Soo as Cho Sang-Woo (Player Number 218) – $3million

To be honest, he was my favorite in the Squid Game. To me, he was the only player who was focused and played his game well.

He got to the end not by luck but by his smartness and willingness to sacrifice whoever for the money.

Well, the Forty-year-old South Korean actor Park Hae-Soo starred as Cho Sang-Woo, which held player number 218 in the survival drama series Squid Game.

Cho works as head of investment in a financial company, but he’s wanted by the police for bluffing his clients. Park Hae-Soo has been acting for 14 years and has participated in 5 big-screen movies and 11 TV films and series.

Cho Sang-Woo is set to star in a yet-to-be-released big-screen movies, Yacha and Ghost in the Netflix shows Suriname and Money Heist. Furthermore, Park has featured in 16 musical theatre shows. According to Newsunzip, Park Hae-Soo has an estimated net worth between $3million to $4million.

5. Wi Ha-Joon As Hwang Jun-Ho: $3million

He was the smart police officer of the movie. He starred as Hwang Jun-Ho. Fans of the popular Netflix show are still expectant that he will show up in Season 2. Although we saw in the first season that he was shot and he then landed in the big sea.

Well, he’s not just an actor, he also works as a model. He has since 2012 participate in 10 movies and 11 series.

Wi Ha-Joon is also a musician. In 2018, he released his single “Maybe It’s Too Late“.

In the movie, he ended up at the game playing grounds in search of his brother. This search made him to uncover a lot of secrets that were going on. Surprisingly, the frontman of the game happens to be his brother.

According to Hollywood Magazine, Wi Ha-Joon has a net worth of about $3million.

4. Heo Sung-Tae As Jang Deok Su (Player Number 101): $2million

Let’s acknowledge the fact that the role of Heo Sung-Tae added value to the series. He was a villain and he played his role pretty well.

Before his fame in Squid Game, he was well known for his role as Ha II-Soo in the thriller movie, The Age of Shadows. Sung-Tae participated during his acting career in more than 60 movies, TV films, and series.

Heo Sung-Tae As Jang Deok Su (Player Number 101): $2million

He has been on the acting scene since 2011.

In Squid Game, he played the role of the gangster who was in serious debt because of his gambling addiction.

He joined the game with hopes of winning so that he can clear off his debt and live a threat-free life. However, things didn’t go well for him. Just like Samson in the Bible, Player 101 got his life ended by a woman.

Hollywood Magazine estimates that Heo Sung-Tae is has a network of $2million.

3. Jung Ho-Yeon as Kang Sae-Byeok (Player Number 067): $1million

Yes! This was another star of the hit TV series. Her unique role has won her a lot of admiration from  movie lovers.

After the show, her popularity has gone through the roof on social media.
Aside from acting, Jung Ho-Yeon is a fashion model. She’s really got in demand. She has advertised for several top international brands such as Sephora, Paco Rabanne, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs.Furthermore, Ho-Yean has already clocked 13million followers on Instagram.

After the show, she was adding an average of 1million followers per day.Squid Game has brought her overwhelming fame.The young actress earns money from her sponsored posts via social media which generates whopping sums of money for her. Squid Game was her first shot at acting, where she played the role of Kang Seo-Byeok with number 067.

What forced her to enter the game was that she is a defector in North Korea and she needed money to pay her broker to help rescue her family members who are still at the border. She was hoping to win the money so that she can save her brother from the orphanage home and also carter for her family who was at the border.

2. O Yeong-Su as Oh II-Nam (Player 001): $950,000

Seventy-seven-year-old Korean actor O Yeong-Su was the chief villain of the game. He made us to fall in love with his character only for us to be shocked at the end that he was the brain behind the game he participated in himself.

The twist surrounding his role was one of the things that made the movie worth watching.

He’s an old man willing to join the sadistic game, because he’s already dying from a brain tumor. O Yeong-Su revealed that he starred in more than 200 theatrical productions during his 54 years of acting. He is known for playing Buddhist monks in several movies and TV shows. According to Net Worth Wiki Bio, O Yeong-Su has a net worth of $950,000.

1. Anupam Tripathi As Abdul Ali (Player Number 199): $500,000

Anupam Tripathi got us all in tears. He was that dependable team player who was ready to put others first before himself.

His only weakness was his naivety which got him to trust the wrong person. His role taught us all a great lesson not to trust anyone we call our friend. Anupam is an Indian actor.

He started his career as an actor and singer in his home country in 2006. Since 2010, Anupam left India for South Korea to pursue his studies, and he stayed there.

Since 2014, Anupam got minor roles in South Korean shows. Squid Game is the first show that features Tripathi as the main cast.

In the Netflix series, Anupam plays the role of player number 199, Abdul Ali. The latter is a migrant worker who joins the game to cater to his family after his employer denies him his salary for months. According to TV Guide Time, as of 2021, Anupam Tripathi’s wealth amounts to $500,000.

Now let’s take a look at the summary list of the Cast of ‘Squid Game’ Ranked From Poorest To Richest:

  1. Anupam Tripathi As Abdul Ali (Player Number 199): $500,000

  2. O Yeong-Su as Oh II-Nam (Player 001): $950,000
  3. Jung Ho-Yeon as Kang Sae-Byeok (Player Number 067): $1million
  4. Heo Sung-Tae As Jang Deok Su (Player Number 101): $2million
  5. Wi Ha-Joon As Hwang Jun-Ho: $3 Million

  6. Park Hae-Soo as Cho Sang-Woo (Player Number 218): $3 Million

  7. Kim Joo-Ryoung As Han Mi-Nyeo ( Player Number 212): $4 Million

  8. Lee Jung-Jae As Seong Gi-Hun (Player Number 456): $5 Million

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