Tyger Booty’s Family Speaks! – Demand Autopsy to be Done In the U.S As They Call Ghanaians Corrupt

Tyger Booty’s family has requested that her autopsy be performed in the United States in order to avoid dealing with ‘corrupt’ Ghanaian officials.

According to Julie Williams, Tyger Booty’s sister, they fear foul play and do not believe a proper autopsy will be carried out by Ghana’s corrupt health officials.

As a result, they want the autopsy performed in the United States.

Speaking with Asaase Radio in Accra, Julie said they’ve been told officials in Ghana are too corrupt.

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“…People have told us Ghanaian officials can be very corrupt,” she said.

“We don’t trust Ghana health authorities will do a good job, so we want the autopsy done in the United States. Unfortunately, none of us is from there [Ghana], and we’re not sure what will happen.”

“We would rather have it done in the states where we can trust the system because we don’t know anybody in Ghana. Everybody we talk to believes that something else is going on,” Booty’s sister added.

Julie added that Tyger doesn’t do drugs or drink thus the stories of drug overdose don’t make sense to them.

Real name Dasani Williams, Tyger travelled to Ghana earlier this month. She was reportedly brought into town by a rich billionaire for Christmas partying.

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She was later found dead in her hotel room – now identified as the Rayporsh Hotel in Abelenkpe.

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