US Rapper Implants $24m Dollar Diamond In His Forehead


Lil Uzi Vert

Shortly after revealing he wanted to implant a pink diamond into his face, Lil Uzi Vert has actually done it.

Uzi revealed that the diamond is his favorite and most expensive purchase yet, amazingly worth more than his multi-million dollar car collection and his home.

Taking to Instagram, the beloved rapper showed off the $24 million USD 11-carat shimmering stone surgically secured into his forehead.

Eliantte & Co. Details Lil Uzi Vert Pink Diamond Forehead Implant Process Info $24 Million USD |

Accompanied by the caption “beauty is pain”, Elliot Eliantte, the jeweller that sold him the natural pink diamond, also shared a look at the Uzi sporting the stone in the studio.

Addressing his new look, Uzi said in series of IG Stories: “I just got a long bar in it because I just got it pierced and the swelling, when the swelling goes down, I’ll get a short bar so it won’t move.”

Take a closer look at the $24 million USD 11-carat pink diamond implanted into Lil Uzi Vert‘s forehead.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone, Simon Babaev of jeweler Eliantte & Co. outlined just how Lil Uzi Vert‘s now-infamous pink diamond was implanted into his forehead.

Apparently, the trend-setting project took four years to come to fruition with rapper paying off the $24 million USD price tag of the naturally colored stone in installments.

“We didn’t think he was serious about it, but as he started making payments on the specific stone, he made it clear that he was very serious.”

Babaev also assured fans that the implantation is as safe as any other piercing if maintained correctly: “We made sure that prior to getting anything done that Uzi brought someone in to consult on everything. We didn’t just do this randomly.”

The system also goes beyond standard stainless or surgical-grade steel, and utilizes precious metals for a luxurious and safe implantation.


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