I Don’t Mind Going Naked For $30,000 – Shugatiti

Ghanaian nudist and actress, Shugatiti has revealed that she doesn’t mind going utterly naked in exchange for money.

In an exclusive interview with Fire Lady on Asempa FM, Shugatiti disclosed that she is not worried about the backlashes she receives from social media users due to her choice of profession.

However, she gets delighted when fans like her racy pictures and video and drop positive comments under them.

I Don’t Mind Going Naked For $30,000 – Shugatiti

Shugagatiti additionally disclosed that she can go completely naked for a huge sum of money; adding that she has been making a lot of money from going nude on social media.

She later dared anyone who can challenge her for going naked to place a $30,000 bet and she will take off all her clothes in the course of a Facebook live to claim the money.

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